diaper repair

I currently offer some diaper repairs, please contact me for exact quotes.

Elastic repair ~ $4.50 per diaper for both legs and back elastic. If you only need one side, or only legs, or only back done, contact me for a more accurate quote.
There will be an extra charge for AIOs as I have to open the diaper up and resew.

BumGenius velcro replacement ~ $3.50 per diaper. I now require that you purchase the velcro (you can do so from Cottonbabies here) yourself. Cottonbabies offers the best quality velcro that I have found but if you prefer to use store bought velcro or other diaper making velcro, that is fine as well. If you remove the old velcro first yourself, the cost is only $1.50 a diaper for me to sew the new velcro on.

Snap conversions ~ I am only doing these on a limited basis now, so please contact me for price/availability.